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S h i n r i n .- .Y o k u

Forest Bathing

Del Bajo Trail


What is it?

The word contains two parts: the first part shinrin means "forest" and the second word yoku means "bath". This phrase directly translates to Forest Bathing. More specifically, you can describe it as taking in the forest's atmosphere through your senses, such as smell, sight, sound, taste and touch, to bring mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.


How do you do it?

This is not an exercise-based activity; it is meant to be a slow walk through the forest where you can connect with the environment around you. During this, please be careful where you walk and please stay on the trail and openings that are provided for this experience. Remember that you are in a forest and be aware of animals on trees and the path (e.g. snakes).


Walk at a Very Slow Pace

While participating in shinrin-yoku, walk at a slow pace to closely observe the environment around you with all of your senses. This will allow you to fully receive the benefits of the practice and make a deeper bond with the forest.


Connecting with Nature

Try not to think about any outside worries or stressors that would distract you from connecting to the nature around you. To have the best experience, we suggest putting away your camera and turning off your phone or putting it on airplane mode. It is also beneficial to refrain from talking during invitations.


Invitations - Del Bajo Trail

There are numerous invitations for shinrin-yoku along Del Bajo Trail. It is your choice whether to participate or not, and you can do them in any way that feels most comfortable to you. You can choose when you want to do the invitation, whether right away or further down the path, and you can choose the duration of each invitation depending on your preference.


If in a Group

 We encourage you to share with​ each other at the end of each invitation. The best practice for this is to gather in a small circle together and share your thoughts and feelings from the experience. You can choose to share in any form that feels most comfortable to you, which can be with words, song, dance, poetry, or even silence. It is suggested to do this with only one person talking at a time and the rest of the group is silent and listening intently. Continue to share in a circular motion until all group members have had a chance to speak.